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Double bookings.

Hello! My booking calendar is not syncing with my Airbnb calendar and I've had a couple of double bookings as the result. What can I do about this? Who can I contact at booking to clear this up?

Community Admin

Hello Felicia Megdal! Thank you for posting in the Community! In order for the synchronization of calendars to work you need to complete both steps of importing and exporting your calendar. In case this is done already, we would advise you to contact our customer service line for further assistance via the phone number or Inbox tab that you will find in your Extranet. Best of luck!

Felicia Megdal

I have done both. Both are imported/exported across all platforms. I even deleted and reimported yesterday without any luck. I have another overbooking because of this. I will get in touch with someone from booking regarding this matter. Thanks!

M Adamopoulou

Dear Felicia, very sorry to hear about your struggles.

Please have in mind that synchronization is not in real time...which means that every time you have a booking it’s best that you close your rooms manually to prevent double bookings.

Contact with BDC immediately because you might be faced with penalties.

Wish you all the best.


I used to work with Airbnb but cancelled for the very reason you outline, it is much easier now than it used to be to manage availability on a mobile phone, but even so, the Airbnb system is not as well designed than Booking and you can still get into trouble and suffer penalties from Airbnb.