Double bookings and bad Guest reviews


Lately I am very unsatisfied with Booking. I have double bookings and because of that my guests are nervous and give bad Guest reviews. When I make a complaint through Help center they just don`t care and don`t accept responsibility for double bookings and subsequent bad reviews. I am feeling really alone here, without support from my “partners” in Booking.com.

Also prices are often wrong, much less than real prices. No responsibility for that either. Not to mention often no-show guests.

Maybe Booking.com has some updates on the web and I miss to update my property but that is also not entirely my fault.

I hope to get some better Partnership from Booking.com soon...

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Hello Sova,

You are not alone as I have had the same problems with booking.com. They double booked a room but was able to put the double booking into another room after consulting with booking.com and the guest. Then another double booking was made for that room on the same date. I again consulted with booking.com who told me that they would relocate the guest. The guest ignored my email telling me they did not get that email when they turned up. That night I was busy with other guests cooking dinner for them and then had to find somewhere for the double booked guest. Everything in this area was fully booked so fortunately a neighbor was able to accommodate them. I have had so many conversations with booking.com about this and have yet to get a satisfactory answer. I even wrote a letter to head office which has been ignored. Every year they make double bookings and quote incorrect prices. I do not know what the solution is? In the future I will not relocate double bookings,but then run the risk of bad reviews.

Maybe other partners out there maybe be able to advise.

Kind regards.


6 months ago