Doubt about the age limit to check in

Hi, I’m Fabio, from Italy. I’m new on Booking.com.
I almost finished the configuration of my account, but I have a doubt.

I would like to accept guests of any age (even newborn babies): indeed, in section “Children”, question “At what age (and older) are children allowed?”, I answered “Any”.

Under section “Policies/Guest information”, I have to specify if there is an age limit to check in.

I intend to accept guests of any age, but I don’t want to have unaccompanied minors in my apartment (I basically cannot because of the Italian laws).
What does “Is there an age limit to check in?” exactly mean?
In case it means that children under a certain age cannot stay in my flat without adult relatives, I have to specify “18”, but I wouldn’t like this implies that I cannot accept any underage kid at all.

Anyone can help me to understand?

Thank you.


Just to clarify my questions, I would like my account behaves in following way:

  • All guests above 18 --> OK
  • Some guest under 18; each of them has his/her legal tutor among the other guests (e.g. a mother with her minor children or newborn babies) --> OK
  • Some guest under 18, without his/her legal tutor --> I CANNOT ACCEPT THIS GUEST