The dream of vacation rental?

How did you dream start - becoming a vacation rental/Landlord.?

Well I will start telling  a bit  about why I became a landlord :) 

Once upon a time, this is how all adventures start, mine started many years ago in tiny Denmark. Like rings in the water my world was expanded due my motto “Traveling is living” this motto brought me to many places in the world and now to Egypt. Egypt a country I have never thought of visiting, but my son Thomas, had a dream of visiting ancient Egypt and I followed up.

Oh Lord, I became so overwhelmed by Egypt, the nature, population, and no stress, it was pure therapy for body and soul. A year later, I built my vacation home along the Nile, so others could have this amazing experience, feeling calm, waking up to the sun EVERY morning, all year round, imagining yourself back in time, listening to the farmers working in the green field , not with machines, but with donkeys and cows, camels looking across the street and say good morning, picking fresh bananas in the backyard, drinking coffee at the roof. to the grand view of hot air balloon ride Well just enjoy life along the Nile.

My motto is what Hans Christian Andersen wrote "To live is to travel" and this is 200 years ago. I love to travel myself and been many places so far, but most of all i really enjoy to welcome my guest so they feel at home and safe.

I live in Denmark a city called Esbjerg, is situated in the South Western part of Denmark, the area where the place the Vikings took off on crusade. When we hear the word Vikings, we think most of some who ravaged and plundered, but actually, most Vikings was ordinary.

Winters, i love to stay in Egypt, in Luxor, that has frequently been characterized as the "world's greatest open-air museum"   I Love - to enjoy the Nile that is more than 6,600-mile-long river. It originates in the middle of the African continent and paves its way north through mountains, forests, swamps and deserts. For millennia, Nile's water has made it possible to survive in some of the world's most diffecult areas. Without the Nile, the pyramids would never have been built. But the river has always been a mystery to humans. Where does it come from? Why does it cross its banks every year? Why does it never dry out, even though it thousands of miles through the desert?

Well - To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself as Soren Kierkegaard said 200 years ago. I went for my dream and and did not lose myself - but a new world open to me :) 

Many regards from 

Egypt and Denmark


Aaltje B.

Hi Lis,

You just took me on a mini trip to Egypt. What a pleasure. You could advertise your unit with : " Stay and bonus Stories "

Enjoy your guests, Denmark and Egypt!


Aaltje B.