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Dynamic pricing in genius program.

Hi everyone,

i just wanted to ask a question, if someone have previous experiance with this topic.

I've turned on dynamic pricing and allowed 0-25% price reduction. After a few days I ended up with reservation for new years eve dates with ~29% price reduction, new years eve is really hot days here, so I have even set pricing to be higher than usual.

I'm looking forward to hear others experiances with this program, becouse it looks like a great idea and i want to use it.

Maybe if it had more than 5 days to mark for it to block it it would be great


Thanks in advance for any help.



Filip Žigić

Thanks Sergei, I want to update that I have contacted partner support, and they updated the price of my reservation and removed price reduction(don't know if that expense is paid by booking or guest). Anyway if someone has some tips or experience with this it would be appreciated, I would like to avoid situations like this in future but 5 days is not enoguh to mark all "hot" dates. 

Thanks in advance!


I did use it for a while.  I think I've set a dynamic range to 20% or 25% and it seemed that the discounted rates were offered fairly, since I didn't receive a booking with 25% discounted rate, but always less then that. The main reason why I deactivated this feature was because I noticed twice when checking up my property that for the same day bookings ("last minute") genius discount wasn't offered at all and I didn't resell empty rooms. Which from my point of view at least basic 10% discount should be offered for same day bookings if you have available rooms.


You can deactivate Genius program up to 1 month (I assume in this period dynamic pricing is not offered then?). So for "hot" dates you basicly don't need a genius at all? 

Filip Žigić

Thanks pibomarco, great idea I'll deactivate whole Genius program for "hot" days since i really don't need it than. Hope it does turn dynamic pricing off too :) 



Hi Filip Žigić


I just read the above 3 times and there is no actual question anywhere in it, at least not in english ?

I only see statements.


So Filip Žigić what is the actual question you wanted to ask.



Kind Regards


He asked for tips and host experience with genius dynamic pricing.