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Early Deals 2021

Hi all


I started to arrange Early Deals for 2021. I did that in bulk edit. Since it is for three months periode. BUT

LOTS  of my previous bookings disappeared!!!  It drives me nuts !!! 

How many hours I have sat behind this computer trying to reload all the data again. Sigh!!! 

It happened several times. 

Probably that is why a second time someone booked for the same dates, AGAIN!  He later cancelled himself half an hour later. But these double bookings should not be possible. What is happening? 


I also put in a minimum of two day stay. From the onset. 

But I can't find that anywhere anymore. 

Why is this not stated clearly somewhere in my agenda as well? 

or is it hiding? 

Putting in the early deal, I can not find where to add the minimum stay. 

Is that maybe not part of that deal?? 

Barry? Do you know? 


Greetings from 

A desperate Aaltje B. 





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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Aaltje B.


I was confused by the contradicting terms of 'Early Deals' and 'Bulk Edit' at first.


As Early Deals is a feature of Promotions.

and Bulk Edit is only under Calendar.


So I am assuming you meant you were doing adhoc bulk edits in the calendar , at lower rates and tweaking Min length of stay values.


So based on that, if you open the calendar in List view for the start of the dates you were trying to change...

Tick Restrictions to expand the views...

Now assuming you already had all fields enabled by BdC Support, you should see

  • Min length Stay
  • Max length Stay
  • No Departures
  • No Arrivals
  • Min Advanced Reservation

So depending on the Rate plan you can override the Min length of Stay. TIP: when using Bulk Edit, make sure to click SAVE twice before leaving it.



Kind Regards,

Merry Xmas

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Aaltje B. 1 year ago

Hi Barry 


Thank you for replying. 

Have found the minimum stay. It was still intact so didn't have to change that at least. 

I do still have a few technical issues though and will address them by ringing the team. 

Have a great Christmas everyone! 



Aaltje B. 

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Dear Ela,

Maybe you should call your BDC local office and ask them to check your calendar for you... should be notified so you don’t end up with double bookings....


Wish you resolve this issue the soonest...

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Aaltje B. 1 year ago

Hi Maria, 


Yes, will ring the team to solve some technical issues. Need them out of the way! 

Interview done (as being part of the Partner Hub team) and attached photos now, so they should be available soon to see for all. 


Cheery all, 


Aaltje B. 

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

I am anxious to see your photos!!!