Extra parking spot

Hi everybody,

just faced with a situation. I offer one parking spot for one apartment (6 people capacity) free of charge.  Booking allows one option  “free parking is available”. I provide 1 parking place, and it is enough in 90% of bookings, if not - I provide 1 extra spot for 20 euros. Received reservation from Poland guests, for 6 people. First message was “can we park with two cars?” and my answer was “yes” indeed, “for additional 20 euros”. And the guest’s replay was “the flat is for 6 people, 6 people can’t arrive with one car, please, provide second parking spot for free”. Huh? 

How to avoid such kinda ridiculous questions in a future, and how to answer  the ongoing one? What if there will be 6 people riding three cabrios? Should I provide 3 parking spots for free? Sort of...

Best regards to all of you,


Blagoje Acho

If they dont want to pay for second car then let them cancle reservation. You can write under your house rules that you provide one parking place for free. But if they come and pay for second parking spot be ready for not so good review.