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fake reservations in and VRBO

I got hit by BOOKING.Com which is linked to our VRBO calendar.

In January I got a reservation for the last week of May.  Then in Feb.  I got 3 reservations more in 2 days. Unbelievable!   They were for the 1, 2 and 3rd week in June.  The high season!

Now had blocked 4 weeks in a row, what a coincidence?  The prospects all 4, only gave a credit card number, no real deposit.  They will not be charged until mid to late May.  They have no obligation if they cancel before 30 days.  I wrote to each of these people trying to get a response just to see if they were real  I had only gotten 1 single reservation through in 3 years, now all of a sudden this.  Not one of the supposed 4 individual renters returned my email. 

I am not sure how the scam works, it might be just to take enough places off the market and make someone else's look more attractive, but it doesn't pass any smell test.

I wrote to Booking telling them I don't want to accommodate these people since they have no deposits at this time and considering the mess with the , they are merely tying up the unit.  I also had another reservation for one of those weeks with a check in my hand.  Nothing final yet from Booking.  I removed the blocks at my end but they still show as 'unavailable' until Booking removes them from their side.  I will wait another 2 weeks and if Booking has not acted, I will disconnect the two calendars which should automatically remove these reservations and of course thoroughly ***

I even suggested how they could book with another agent for the same unit types in our building.  Supposedly if it cost them more, I am to pay the difference.  This may be where the scam comes in?  Booking is working on it, but it totally stinks and has to be part of the same bad joke.