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Fake Reviews


Good evening, I have a question about fake reviews. One months ago, a competitor opened a hotel and received a total of 3 reviews in the first 4 weeks. Everyone was very negative, between 5 and 6. He also responded to these reviews.

Now he got within two days 5 or 6 reviews, which were very positive. They sounded like advertising. I have never read such "advertising" reviews anywhere. These reviews had the same spelling mistakes as his answers to the negative reviews. For me, that looked very much like his own evaluation. But after 2 days many of these positive reviews disappeared again? Does Booking delete such obvious counterfeits?

Leandri Klopper


Interesting topic. Reviews have been so overly discussed on the forum, it's nice to read a fresh side of reviews. very scarcely deleted reviews, good or bad. But I do know that they are extremely strict when it comes to Fake reviews. They will investigate etc and delete it without notifying anyone if they suspect foul play. This is both good and bad. Good because people can't cheat but bad because others have had perfectly honest reviews deleted because it sounded suspiciously excellent or something was found "out of place".