False reservation from Malaisia

Hi !

I just want to know what to do with that :

Last Sunday I received a 14 day reservation for $ 10,461 ... from someone from Malaysia. I suspected that this was not normal. A few hours later, Booking informed me that the credit card was not good. So, I was able to cancel this reservation.

BUT HERE ... it starts again this morning with a new 7 day reservation for + $ 3,000 from Malaysia with invalid credit card ...

Myat Noe Oo

Bonjour Yves,

I think those are fake bookings. You should change your cancellation policy to non-refundable to avoid such kind of reservations. If their credit card is invalid, you should inform guest to update it. If there is no response from them, you should immediately cancel their reservations.


Hi, it did not helped in my case

BOOKING did not reserve any money from Credit card. client was contacted immediately and we realized it is fake reservation

No proper reaction from BOOKING caused me revenue loss as far as I can't cancel reservation from my side.

Did anyone had this kind of experience with BOOKING? what was the solution?


Yves Bouchard


Humm... i knew that.

I think i will quit Booking.com. Too complicated


Myat Noe Oo

Hi Yves,

Nice to meet you. I could not find your property in your profile. Don't forget to update your profile. Have a great day.


It is just a BOOKING com procedure issue

Does anyone knows whether BOOKING introduce some checking procedures before reservation is confirmed?


I'm asking at least home address of each client and phone number as compulsory condition to make a reservation


I'd love to have also their social network profile and some ID


Update to prepaid to get advantage of you can cancel quickly when they don't pay, with in minimum of 24h

Yves Bouchard

I have received 3 other similar reservations since. So, I decided to pause my ad because I have no control over quickly canceling this type of reservation. The calendar gets stuck for nothing. In addition, I believe that these are cyber attacks against booking.

Account Adviso…

Hi Yves Bouchard,


In addition to the above suggestions other partners have recommended such as setting up a prepayment policy and charging guests prior to their arrival, if you are finding these reservations coming in last minute and not giving yourself enough time to charge the bookings and cancel when they are invalid, I would recommend setting up a minimum advance reservation restriction.


This will limit bookings to be made XX number of days prior to check in so it should give you enough time to review the card details and cancel the booking if the guest does not update them within 24 hours. You can also add further restrictions such as ensuring guests provide a phone number and address in your Policies section.


It's important to note that the more restrictive your listing is, the less visible it will be which may result in lower bookings.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.