Feature Request - Add Youtube link options to Gallery page


Currently there is no Youtube link support in the Gallery page


Why is this a useful feature to add?


Simply put, where there is a difference in staff language versus guest; or you want to do a walk-thru guide; or a check-in walkthru... this would be a perfect option.


How would it work?


You would simply create a youtube/google account.

Then using just a smart phone with youtube app or just the camera on the smart phone, Walk through the area you want to show the guest about.


From the entire house from the entry point keyless access to the bathroom, bedrooms, back garden.


Maybe even split it into small short videos for different features such as how to find the key box to enter the code; 


All video should be marked as unlisted on Youtube, so that they are only available to someone with the link; where you provide the link into the gallery; the message template for check-in ; etc


No limit to the creative ways you could leverage this medium. You could also send a copy of the check-in video link via WhatsApp/ Signal /Telegraph/SMS to the Guest 24 hours prior , so they cant get locked out.




Kind Regards