Feature Request : Non Public Property Type Mask Location Address and Map Pin


Hi Communities Team  


So one thing we may not realise is there are many types of properties, and quite a few are not public like hotels.


Recently there has been some topics on this and  some partners have removed their listings due to this compromise of security.


  • In this scenario, when a listing displays a mini map and full address, before booking it can be seen as a security issue.  
  • The feature request is to only show the detailed map location and full address post booking.  
  • So  when it is someone browsing, there is only a partial address and a Fog of War on a map location with a circle on the road representing the general area it is in.  
  • By Partial address I mean at most, Street name, city, county, country.


Kind regards

Yawar Abbas

I had similar issue and now I am thinking of removing my listing.

Recently, there was a guy who showed up at my address and said he wants to book a room at my place. He asked me for a discount since he is not registering through booking.com. He found my address from booking.com.

I was surprised and worried if people keep coming like this on my door. 



Hi Yawar Abbas

I guess it will also be different for different types of partners.

As some will welcome the walk-in bookings since there will be no commission on it.

Glass half full V half empty.

To date I've only ever had one in this way. And yes I did offer a better price, as that would be the right thing to do.


Then on the other side of this I can understand some will not want walk-ins, in particular those properties that are remotely managed.


I found a handy way to deal with  walk-ins,  when you are not there is to have a remote video doorbell such as the ring.com devices.


So if someone was to turn up for a last minute request, in theory you could if you have code based access, simply ask them for a phone number or give them one to ring.


Then once on phone , confirm availability, and a payment method over phone etc, accept the payment, remotely activate a new door code, give them the door code and then are now 10 -15 minutes later, all sorted and have checked in.

Having cameras like ring.com , blink etc will allow you to remote monitor approach, many of these have an intercom.







Jonathon Marshall

I have removed my listing until this is sorted. I can see some properties do not show full address as well so booking dot com is not consistent