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Feature Request : Rate Plan - Increase 7 Night max settings to 31

Hi BdC Devs


I have a bone to pick with you about a pretty silly design flaw.


As a partner in Extranet Rate Plans ,there is one setting that has a max of value of 7, meaning 7 nights.


Why is this an issue?


Apart from some of your competition do not have this limit / restriction, when it comes to Rate Plans, it is pretty much a no-no to have a 7 night limit when the longest month is 31 days .


rate plan min night stay


So what I am saying is change the Rate Plan setup for Minimum stay to 31.

This then gives the Partners the ability to create custom rates to appeal t omuch more of an audience.


As some guests with particular search parameters will never be able to get such offers due to the 7 night limit currently in place


One for the Communities Team  to pass on  :)


Examples of use for higher values:


Rate Plans  LoS - Length of Stay  


1   Rate          99

2-3 Rate        90

5-7 Rate        70

8-15 Rate      55

16-21 Rate    40

22-31             25


Using the bulk edit tool for events and seasonal these could be added.


Expedia has this basic feature but even it has a flaw, in how they implemented it.


Kind Regards

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M Adamopoulou

Barry, very nice post.

Hope BDC can make changes you are suggesting.

Thanks for posting your thoughts and  very  helpful suggestions.

Wish you a wonderful day.

5 months ago