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Feature Request : Room Amenities Versus Property Amenities Imbalance Fix


For a long time now, even as new items get added to the Property Amenities page called Facilities & Services, There has been several that are only on one list and not the other.


For example for some properties where the guest is only booking a room and not the entire property there are items on the Room Amenities list that do not existing in the room but do exist on the property. The problem with this is if you stick to black and white for each item on one or the other page, you can end up with some features only mentioned in the room amenities being omitted as they only exist in the property and vice versa.  


  • Example of things missing from Facilities List
    • Bathroom Amenities
      • Linen
      • Towels
      • Toilet Paper
      • Toiletries
      • Shared Common Bathroom
        • Shower
        • Toilet
        • etc
    • Kitchen Amenities
      • Self Service   - Laundry



  • Example of things missing from Room Amenities
    • Work Area
      • Chair & Table to work on
      • Internet Coverage
      • etc


I am sure there is more many other partners could add to this based on their on setup, so please do add them in comments.  



As edit is broken just submit additional as comments