Feature Update Request - Add more stats to the Partner Community Latest Stats Pane

Partner community latest stats


Would love to see these added to the Stats pane:

  • New Partners this Month
  • (Actual ) Active Partners (with an active listing )
  • Conversations only this year to date
  • more as I think of them....


I strongly believe the Partner count of 513543, is only the number  that has registered since day 1 and that the real number of active partners with an active account (includes snoozed), is a very small percent of that.

I estimate it to be closer to 225,000 or less.




Sergei - Commu…

Hey, BrookAve! Thank you for your feedback. Would you like to see active users meaning "users online"? For example, how many partners are online right now and can reply to a post?

Rebeca Parra López

Hello Sergei, I´m using this via to ask you cause I dont know who I should contact. 

I had a "Risk-free" booking which cancelled and Booking didnt offer me any other option so I should get our money paid by booking, but when I contact them on the phone they keep on passing me with "other person who can solve this" but in the end, the phone call hungs up suddenly and we have to star all over again and never solving this. That´s why I want to contact via email someone in Booking who could really solve this problem but I dont know where to write. There´s no even a "contact booking" button so I´m just going crazy. Do you know to whom I should address? Thank you very much!!





no but that could be another to add.


I literally meant a real number for 'Active Partners'

  • fully registered
  • have an active listing / snoozed currently.