Feedback : Damage Deposit Page Features seriously lacking, too limited


As I just discovered after reviewing the current Property : Policies : Damage Deposit Page.

and the cheeky note on the general guide for deposits say, Fine Print area no longer allowing deposit info. I was disgusted.

Like one other just said , they take a % of the booking in advance , and remainder x days before arrival.




So the issue with the current page design is there is :

  • No option to set a %, only a fixed amount.
  • No option to set custom number of days prior only 7 or 14.
  • No Option for Within x days of placing reservation.
  • No Collect Method called Other and then a new field activate so they can add their custom method.  

Communities Team   one for the team to feedback to management / webdev team too.


Its very short sighted options, and just making it more difficult, when it doesnt need to be.


But like I had said to that other partner, even if you cant add to fineprint deposit info any more, the creative way is to leverage:


  1. photo with text stating it in a short sentence
  2. add all the info , methods 5 amount to top of the new message templte - new reservations
  3. add Q&A  to cover it too.
    1. Q: Hi is there a prepaid deposit and what is it?

      A: 25% of the reservation amount , prepaid within 3 days, new booking message will have all the details.  



Isle of Wight …

Damage deposits page? Is this where BDC collect the damage deposits for us?

I don't know why BDC won't collect damage deposits for us in the same way as all the other booking channels. We have to collect them by bank transfer. Chasing guests to pay it is time consuming - and saying to guests "great, really pleased you found the property ok, but you're not getting in until you've paid the damage deposit" is not very nice. Refunding the damage deposit is a real pain the backside now that we have to use card readers for everything.

And the most annoying thing is when the guest complains to BDC that we haven't refunded it yet (even tho we say we will refund it in X days and there are still a few days to go) and BDC start phoning us up and messaging us demanding that we refund the guest .....

I've just told BDC support that any payments taken or refunded outside BDC are none of BDC's business.