feedback a guest

please look at this, I hope that we never catch up this guest one again. His name *** phone number ***this is the pic of my house after this guest check out

Aaltje B.

Hi Tran, 


This is unbelievable!! 

Good that you took pictures. 

Also for this situation: call with the BDC Team immediately. They can advise you. 

I hope you have contents insurance for the property. 

Wish you all the best. 



Aaltje B. 


Aaltje B.

You should be able to go to the extranet (double login) and asking for ferification, look at contact at bottum of page . 

Every country should have their own contact number.

We are only giving tips as we are hosts too. 

If your unit is Tidy and Superclean and cosy again take beautiful photos and go with Airbnb. 

You can choose for for non- instant booking and therefor all your guests have to request (ask your permission ) to enter and stay ) and give you their ID ! 

You can also choose within that platform to have guests with proven experiece as a guest coming With Review.

You are able to see if your future guest is a good guest or not.

Last : you are able to give a detailed review of your guest. 

This is important for the next host etc.

If you are a great host  - your property is looking like a  picture perfect and it is superclean and looking five star and the price is not too low  you will get the best guest. 

Looking for a good review: choose the best location you can afford. 

Very important. 

Is it beautiful with nature - or tidy streets around - is it quiet for a good sleep- is it safe (!) Are you a friendly host  etc 

It is very hard work being the best host and it takes time to learn too because you learn from mistakes ( everyone makes ) 

Ask a good friend to advise you and you will soon be a superhost and every guest wants to go to your appartment. 

Wish you strength to clean up the mess (again  ask a friend to help you ) or professional ) 

Take photos when ready so you have proof of how it looks and you can smile again :) 

Looking forward to see your listing on Air  bnb  as well. It is very normal to be part of multiple platforms .

Oh and pls arrange insurance ! I have one too but that is New Zealand .


All the very best. 


Greetings and blessings from Aaltje B .



Trần Anh Dũng

hi Aaltje, Thanks for your advise. Can you give me the phone number. I am from Vietnam


Looking at those pictures above, its more untidy than a major issue.


But still that Nguyen guy needs a swift kick up da arse. I bet he wouldn't dare pull that if he was in his mothers home.  


Also remove the booking number and phone number, as the moderator will auto remove it as the community rules do state to not share such info.



Kind Regards

M Adamopoulou

Hi Tran,

So sad to see such a mess your guest made...Hope you marked him a misconduct and blocked him in your reservation tab.

Partners above have given you best suggestions...

Wish you only nice guests.

Aaltje B.

For now Tran, we have to keep requesting a review by hosts. To the team under help section . Yellow circle . 

If we dont ask. We don't get it. 


Who knows one day. There will be two categories :

1  Hotels -Motels 

2 Units - Apartments . 

The first group dont have time for 100 s of guest reviews , 

But we do as small appartment owners . 

Hope BDC listens. 



Aaltje B 


M Adamopoulou


Wish BDC likes your suggestion and maybe one day we will be able to review our guests...

Wish you well.