"The Fine Print' additional information re Corona-measures. It doesn't work!

Various Links in the Extranet direct me 'The Fine Print' so we can inform guests of what measures we have taken re. Corona.   The problem is that once you get on that page there is a long list with possible measures and 'tick' boxes, you need to choose and tick the ones that apply to your business, but all those 'tick-boxes' are inactive/greyed out so you cannot activate them. Intern emails to 'Support' do get a reply ' to ring them' without giving  the correct number to use. A generic 'help' number is very helpful displayed on the same page  (*** ) and when you dial this number you get an automated message ' this number is not in use'.

I despair booking.com, I really do. You are charging us plenty of commission but offer a terrible service.  

Homelands Bed …

Nice one!

You have now removed that (faulty) telephone number, and you have edited it out in my original post. 

As you have now removed it I can't show you a screenshot.

However, 'The Fine Print' tick-boxes still can't be ticked.


Erik B



Homelands Bed …

Thank you Sharon, I am well aware this is NOT the booking.com helpdesk.

However it is a Forum where accommodation providers can point out issues so others can learn from it, and ask questions. That is what I have done. 

It is lovely that booking.com 'support' staff 'reach out' to us, however trying to get a reply or actually speaking to someone when they ask you to ring them back  is almost impossible.



Homelands Bed - if you read your post you constantly referred to 'you' and this obviously wasn't directed at your partners so must have been directed to booking.com help team.  

If you want to direct detail to partners and ask for advice then word your comment appropriately.