Fraudulent Reviews

Review terms say Fraudulent Reviews will not be tolerated, and yet it seems if partners charge for extra cleaning /items missing/ or ? There is at times vexatious reviews left in retaliation. I have had a Guest wanting a late check out as plane was not leaving until 4pm. This could not be provided as another Guest was coming in at 1pm. The Guest became annoyed. I then received. a review which was lies because of this. Booking.com still posts the fraudulent review.

I dont see the point in collecting Damage Deposits if we are too afraid to use them.


The workaround is they must vacate room by x so its reset for next person but can either leave luggage in designated area until later .


Ofc that only works for rooms rented and somewhere to leave luggage, if no lounge to stay in.


This is not the point i am making. If we cannot give a late check out, why should we get a bad review? Booking.com say they are there for partners, but this is not so when they condone fraudulent vexatious reviews from Guests.


I believe Responses should be published alongside reviews without having to click on them. On Google ads for Booking.com there are no responses even to click on? 

I would prefer a level playing field.




I think you are completely blind to the fact that you are not addressing or speaking to BdC support team.

This is partner community only. They will never read this nor ring you.


For that if no one here tells you what you want to here and you have used search and found nothing, then next step is to call BdC support.



Instead of fixation on what is not working , I see past all that and look at potential workarounds.

Hence my suggestion above ,as that is all us other partners can do.



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Hi Grandapartmentowner! Thanks for posting in the Community!


It is correct that here at Booking.com we do not tolerate fraudulent reviews. But what you mentioned above does not fall under description of fraud. If the guest was not satisfied with one or few of the services, he is entitled to mentioned it in the review. For this reason we remove reviews only in certain situations:



We understand, that you are working hard to accommodate each guest and make them feel comfortable and it is really upsetting to receive a negative review. However, reviews are subjective opinion of the guest. That is why we always suggest our partners to reply to guest reviews and express your view of the situation.


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I believe you are wrong, If a review is fraudulent/vexatious lies, Booking.com should find out the truth before publishing the review.

Like, call the property to discuss.

Again, Why are there no responses on reviews when i am sent booking.com properties on google?


That is all true but I have the same feeling that we have to walk on tip toes around our guests just to get a good review, but they dont care because we cant say anything about their behaviour, which is sometime qoite bad, I know we can report misconduct. but that doesn't help, and also it isn't always misconduct, maybe a nasty behaviour.  I often get remarks on things which the guest would have known and expected if they would read my emails, and there's nothing at all I can do. 

I also said many times to BdC support that bookings should be compalsory and from both sides, so they don't become a panelty!

Dushyant Dwibedy

I got the same situation that my hotel was closed due to fraud review while we are totally confident to affirm that all of our review are accurate and objective. Despite we contacted Bcom many times but they refused to disclosure specific booking/ situation that relate to their conclusion. Could you please advise me what should I do to save our account? We can't survive during the Covid outbreak without selling any room. Thank you.