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Fraudulent/Fake Reservations

I have placed my property in last year. Enjoyed some reservations given the COVID situation and received great reviews. However recently I have been inundated with fake reservations which block my calendar. There has been numerous correspondence and hours of phone calls with customer services but no help. All what they say is that I am under trust verifications and that restriction on lifting prepayment will happen automatically after there are successful reservations and payments made. I guess those last year do not count. However the fraudulent reservations keep my calendar blocked. I am a victim and under trust verifications because of some fraudulent people somewhere in this planet. Anyone can help? Thank you.


p.s. interesting one of the customer services told me that 50% of new partners suffer because of these restrictions and it will go for two years? Is it fair?

Charmaine and …

I have just posted about this as well.  I have been with for about 5 years and have never had this problem until the beginning of this month and I have to say I am very disappointed with the response I get from personel when I ring to have them check if they are genuine bookings.  What do we do now other than leave and go with AIRBNB or some other company???

Ferdinand Bakalli

Hi Charmaine and Garry and thank you for your reply. I am trying to contact the headquarter and demand to lift the restriction. I think is still the most efficient platform as the vacationers gravitate towards it.I will let you know on the next step. For the moment I keep asking to cancel  all fake reservations and have blocked most of my calendar myself. Will revisit in a couple of weeks. Regards.