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Free night banner (stay for 4 pay for 3)

Hi there

Guests do not know there is a special on if choosing a promotion like this

for example;

if they are looking to book for 2/3 nights they could realize that if they stayed longer they would get a night free - and value for money for their stay

Currently only those guests wanting a specific period (you have stated as on promotion setting) would not see its cheaper 

Not really shown as a "deal" on the overall site so not worth going that route as you get minimal exposure.







sounds like you are only referring to a local in house promotion and not a promotion setup on the Extranet.


So they will never know unless you tell them directly.


Kind Regards

Tadek Ja

I have the same impression as an author - if you make 1 night free to x nights the customer can see only the lower total price and no promotion indication.


there is an option in Promotions to do free nights too