Genius Bookers...to Trust or Not to Trust

Hello all,

I have recently started my first business, Apartments on Connor, where I manage 9 apartments within the same building. I would just like to briefly see what the experience of other hosts and accommodation providers has been like, with Genius bookers? I also want to see if there are many of us out there that would like to see some changes made by Booking.com that sees greater protection for their partners, when it comes to dealing with guests that trash the place then up and leave us standing there wondering just what part of the damage their $200 bond will be put towards to cover...

I have been overall, pretty fortunate to have had only a few incidents with disrespectful guests creating far more trouble than their booking was ever worth, however, after having some guests stay last night that I had specifically phone up Booking.com to enquire about their track record, I feel it's gone beyond something that I am happy to just brush off.

I phone up b.com customer support to ask about a particular guest that I had my concerns about for a couple of different reasons. I wanted to see if any other partner had complained about the guest before, and was told that this guest was a Genius Level 2 booker so that to me, sounded like someone who had a great record with b.com

I took a copy of his photo ID, the full $200 bond and even had a lovely little conversation with him about his upcoming birthday, as I had just celebrated my 30th and he was celebrating his 21st. I confirmed his check out time again, as being no later than 10:30am due to wedding guests checking in at 12pm the following afternoon...the guest was super respectful and assured me that he would be out by 10:30am latest.

Well, this morning at about 10:45am I got a message from the guest apologising and saying that they had slept in but were frantically rushing around to clean everything up and would be out by 12pm...said that it wasn't ok to check out this late as I had mentioned my early arriving guests, so the guest assured me they would be out by 11:30am. 11:45am the guests finally checked out and I was able to go up to clean as quick as I could go. I walked into something that smelt like strong chemicals it just wafted up and hit me in the face like a ton of bricks. I had no clue what was making this smell, initially, but soon discovered the wall behind the TV had the worst patch-up job to cover a large hole, and had been painted with WHITE SPRAY PAINT! What on earth did I do to deserve this :( 

There were more cheaply patched holes in the walls and on the door, spew greeted me in the bathroom basin, the balcony had a pool of smelly water sitting there which I gather was a rushed attempt to clean up vomit, all of the spare sheets and towels on top of the cupboard had been used, there was plaster powder everywhere and then I finally discovered that the ethernet cord connecting the TV to the internet, had been yanked out and no longer worked.

I took the measly $200 bond but the remaining costs come to over $400 I am left out of pocket.

Which of course decline on the guests card.

I phoned b.com about this today and asked for him to at least be stripped of his Genius booker title, not for my benefit, but for that of the other partners that no doubt would soon be dealing with this guest. The customer service man told me that Genius status refers to how long a guest has been booking with b.com, and advised me that they couldn't change this.

Does anyone else feel that there seem to be more protections in place for guests, rather than hosts, through b.com? I think of Airbnb and the host protections that they have in place and wish that b.com would consider some of these, even simple things like confirming government-issued ID and stopping people from creating multiple accounts - the main thing I think that b.com would benefit from implementing, would be a way for US to leave the GUESTS a review. It would be so beneficial to know the type of person that we are welcoming into our accommodation, and would start seeing a lot of guests be on their best behaviour. 

I am curious about what other partners feel about this?




Unfortunately this is just another roll of the dice as to who you end up with.


I would say knowing its a 21st birthday,  I would have a note in fine print, and auto template for new bookings, saying deposit of 400, and told him of it as a deterrent. 


Genius level 2 is easy to get in a short period of time.


Guest ratings has been asked for before, to be seen on their profile.


I would ask for 400+ deposit if guest age is under 27.


Report and blacklist him, ask bdc to chase him to pay the 400, blocking future bookings intil the debt is cleared

...Would be the ideal solution

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Hello Coby Lee Beel! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for sharing your story. It is really awful what the guest did. And I don't think it has anything to do with the genius status. BrookAve shared good advice with you.