Getting frustrated cause of inefficiency of booking.com support team

Hello All,

Recently I had very bad experience with booking.com support team. As month ago I wanted to add additional property on different location to my current extranet account, they said I need to create separate extranet account for this action. While some friends of mine dealing with booking for years and they have multiple properties (on diff. locations) under one extranet account, I was very persistent in trying to get help about this issue from booking.com team. They sent me just few general messages with claiming that for any additional property I will need to create an extra extranet account (so with different email and pass), create listing (property) there and join to my master account. However, on their website says different, actually the same as my friend said. You can check it under link:


But even I claimed there must be possible to have multiple properties under same account, they persistently denied it. When I have tried to add new property on different location on their website from my PC, it always takes me to the homepage of my first created property. However, I tried to add property from Pulse (mobile app for Android) and guess - IT WORKS! I have added two additional properties directly under my extranet account, without creating another extranet accounts and linking to "master" extranet accounts. Then I called them, and say about their claims which were faulty, and they still claimed the same... But when I gave them property IDs of two newly added properties, then they said:"SO now you solved your issue?" - This behaviour leads to the conclusion there is lack of knowledge, experience and interesting for clients from booking.com support team's side.


Another issue which I had with newly added property is just about changing the address. Actually, I put the correct address but I had missed to put postcode and the city (it is Alanya). By mistake, I omitted it, so only the address and neighborhood were visible. As most of the people will look for accommodation in Alanya (and not in some neighborhood of city), I kindly ask them just to change the address as I was not able to change it (even on their webiste it says there must be request for changing the address). First they have replied they ARE UNABLE TO change it and they have claimed that my property is VISIBLE under Alanya search!!!

In my reply to them, I have requested to send me the prove that my property is visible under Alanya as I could not see it at all. After while they have called, and Ms. to which I have talked says she will update the address immediately after we finish our call and I sent the message via extranet with the new address. But guess - It has not happened! Instead of that, I had new message from them with "prove" my property is visible under Alanya search! But, they completely missed it and on screenshot they have shared with me was totally different property that is not mine, but have similarity in name! In addition, in the same message they request from me to send the bill as the prove of address! So they did not want just to add the city and the country to the current address and they asked PROVE for it! But in phone conversation I even told them that is very easily to delete the current property and to re-create the same one with the proper address... So I really do not understand their logic and approach to partners!

After numerous of calls and different explanations from different individuals, I am getting more and more frustrated and I'm thinking just to keep my Airbnb account and close booking.com


Please if someone can help me how I can reach someone from management of booking.com as with this "standard" support team I cannot deal anymore.


Thank you in advance,


Isle of Wight …

welcome to the world of totally incompetent Booking.com support .... you are not alone!

I have had similar issues, so many times now ... if something is important, I start a message with something like "Please pass this on to a manager or someone who knows what they are doing" ... ***

Recently, within an hour of posting a support message, I get a phone call from a 1(888) number and it's someone who seems to know what they're doing ....

With the specific issue of multiple properties, I have a "Group Account" which simply lists all the properties .... when I click on a property, that opens a new window for that property .... after adding a property a few weeks ago and the Booking.com system telling me I could only take cash, ***. One of them told me to create a Partner Card and I was sent a link. I started the set up and it told me to add my properties again. I asked what the difference was between my existing Group Account and a Partner Card. It turns out there isn't a difference, it's the same thing, and I didn't need to set everything up again, and Booking.com phoned me and changed the settings on the new property from Cash Only to Payments by Booking.com ....

Booking.com support *can* do things right when they want to, but support is 99% rubbish .....

Aleksandar Jocic

Hello Isle of Wight,

Thank you for your post!

Yes, also I have created group account and added multiple properties but without creating an additional extranet accounts as they advised me! I have all those messages in my box as prove what instructions they shared with me. At the end I think I will solve my issue with delete property and re-creating it. What kind of morons!

I have already few reservations on Airbnb just in few days, so I will continue dealing with them more than with Booking. And they are taking much much much less commission and conducting payouts immediately after check-in.


I hope there are other people who are also dissatisfied with support and I invite them to join on this post. As much of us show express outrage, there is higher possibility for them to change something in their approach!

Wish you all the best,


Aleksandar Jocic

The nightmare with them is still ongoing. They are even unable to copy/paste simple line.