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Getting notification of 'Questions for your property'

Can anyone help with this please. 2 days ago I had a question about being open from a key worker. I didn't get an email or a pulse notification and so have lost the booking. At the moment bookings are not really expected so I'm not on the site every day. How can I get notified when a question is asked? 







its under the inbox menu as its own link


by default you get an email notification  also.


you really should be checking at least daily regardless.

Wendy Clare

Hi yes I can see the question in the inbox but I haven't have had an email about it. I've checked the bin and my other tabs. 

Account Adviso…

Hi Wendy Clare,


You can check your Guest Q&A preferences to ensure you are receiving email notifications for these. This will be on the top right hand corner of the page under Inbox > Property questions and answers. It may be worth also double checking the email listed under your Contacts to make sure the correct email is listed.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

Tadek Ja

Team, any plans to have a notification also via Pulse?