Guest cancellation percentage frequency

When I was in booking.com earlier this week, i came across a function, where it told you what the guests cancellation rate was.  For instance, I have received 2 bookings, the first showed that the guest cancellation rate was 50-75% (likely to cancel) and the 2nd guest booking was 1-10% (unlikely to cancel).  I've just received another booking, but now can't find where I got this information from in the Extranet. 

Can anyone help?  I'm just wondering if booking.com were maybe testing out a new function for a short period of time and have then removed that function again?


Thanks BrookAve

Thanks for taking the time to post.  Sorry....I didn't explain clearly enough.....it's more relevant to the actual guest that is booking....what their cancellation rate is, as opposed to cancellations analytics for the property.