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Guest leaves BAD REVIEW which is factually incorrect (What to do?)

I have an apartment which has great reviews in general, but one guest arrived and had walking problems and decided to take out her frustration on our establishment... what to do? The following is her review, and below are my responses:

35 very steep steps leading up to property so don’t book if you have any walking difficulties as I do, and that should be highlighted, We have photos of the establishment and can not edit the BdC description. room was stifling, air con rubbish, When renovating 2 years ago we asked for the best air-con available no matter the cost. bedding looked dirty, we use professional cleaning service got bit by mosquitoes even though we had windows shut, we provide mosquito repellants, and tell each guest how to switch them on nowhere to hang a piece of clothing, hangers in every room nowhere to sit to do your hair etc, chairs in every room one of worse places I have ever stayed, maybe this is the standard in Venice but it was very poor.  

Seems this lady is on an anger spree and was trying to find all the negative points and where she shouldnt find them, she made them up. I should not be responsible for her negativity and disappointment due to the fact that she came to a city where walking is a necessity with a walking disability, i can imagine her having a bad experience, but none of that is my fault.  p.s.  the added "one of worse places I have ever stayed" is just so arrogant, its unbelievable. any advice on what to do, would be appriciated.

Isle of Wight …

Sad to read this. No matter how hard we try or how good our properties are, some people are just never happy. do not care about hosts. They allow any reviews, even untrue, racist or whatever. Once the review is there, we are stuck with it. I suggest you report this guest for misconduct (there's a button to the right of the booking information for this guest) and send in a message to support.


You should also post a reply to the review. Say that you are disappointed to see such a negative and unfair review, but respond politely to all the points. Check your photos and descriptions again. And then again. And ask someone else to check as well.


If this is your first review, consider deleting the listing and starting a new listing. Don't forget there are other OTAs such as AirBnB / TripAdvisor which are more flexible and provide better support for hosts. But remember that we can get those negative reviews on any OTA .......

Royal Loft

Thanks, I appreciate your input.  It actually helps a lot getting someone to reply. helps process it all, and your suggestions are very helpful too! I guess one can learn from the worst reviews, for example, I now went and bought "automatic mosquito repellents" which turn on at night by them selves.   

Isle of Wight …

If only we could get "automatic horrible guest repellants" .....


Don't let them worry you too much .... you'll get good reviews too and the bad ones will stand out as "grumpy person" rather than "bad property" .....