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Guest partner chat!!!

Hey Guys!!!

Did you read about this new feature "Guest partner chat"

BDC has created new feature to make our communication with our guests more direct and convenient...

Hopefully our communication problems with guests not replying to our email will end....

Fingers crossed!!!


Hi Maria,



My biggest gripe with Guest Messaging is the 7 days post checkout limit.


I've tried contacting Guests when personally belongings left behind; when no rating left etc.

and no reply but some of those were more than 7 days gone.




M Adamopoulou

Barry, very thoughtful of you to call your guests for their belongings left behind.

My main concern every time my guests are to arrive is if they will find our property since we are in the country.  

Our road signs are not sufficient enough and I am always worried...

Communication is very important...hopefully this new feature will takes some of our worries...

Thanks for sharing!!!


Aaltje B.

Yes, one more thing to be responsible for. But one more problem solved too. 

I have had several things stolen. 

Great, will hunt them, these thieves! 

Blanket - a very nice one ! cutlery and more. 

Happened to me once I found out on the day just after they left. I knew their phone no. And they brought it back! Yahoo. 

But blanket gone : (

 Will still spoil my guests though. 



Aaltje B 


Aaltje B.

The items brought back was via different platform , not Bdc .

It is a voluntairy program  we are involved with . 

I have their cellphone no and email ! 

Greeeeetings Ella 

M Adamopoulou

Dear Ella, how awful!!!

Very sad when people remove personal things.

Hope you have no more guests of this kind.

Very kind of you not to be so angry!!!

Ian at Numurka…

worst thing is - that you don't realise the thing is that have been stolen til some time later - then its too late to work out who did the stealing..!!

arghhh.  LOL

Cherry Hunt

I have had several problem guests giving false reviews,stealing things, behaving badly. It is quite easy to look them up on Facebook. Have been tempted to contact them but didn't bother. I just felt better knowing I could if I wanted. The internet can be a dangerous thing.

Ian at Numurka…

you can have some funny moments too.

here in australia, last xmas, we had fire storms and dust storms as you know.

leading up to christmas we are all busy - (this is not my full time job,).

so just before xmas some guests arrived, on the friday, i went around on saturday and mowed the lawns and did some gardening and washed down the windows and the stone pebbled pavement, all looking good ....the husband comes along (comes home) and says all done?..i say yes, he says "it looks great" I - I said "thanks", "have a good stay". 

so the guest left a few days later and she (wife) leaves a comment on air bnb about washing the windows down while inside - ( WTF ? moment ) - i did not know she was there as i had thought she went out with him, plus the windows were covered in red dust,  i did the right thing, made it all clean for them.etc

 so, i left a comment saying her husband was happy with it.  LOL

on our booking forms, - they are advised that a gardener may be on the premises, and they sign that.  mm.  

so, it was one of those awkward moments that you try to do the right thing - and get shot down for it....baaaa . 

Aaltje B.

Oh dear , Auch ! 

But you did your best Ian! 

Put up a sign/list  stating the  date and time when last cleanings have been performed. Would that help? 

We can be windy here and very muddy when raining. 

Hard to keep everything clean constantly.

Wishing you much inspiration and best guests! 

Greetings ,


M Adamopoulou

After guests arrive, I never clean my Studio...even if it rains and the windows get dirty....

The Studio is in the upper floor so I cannot clean it  even if I wanted to.   Never had any complaints....

I wish everybody happy and pleasant guests....

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Ian,

Some ladies will never be matter what you dont be sad about did the right thing....

Unfortunately we cannot please everyone...

Ian at Numurka…

we had another guest that booked on expedia.  his daughter booked and mum and dad stayed .  (dont you hate third party bookers?).   anyway, the booker signed the booking form and i said make sure mum and dad know.  they were there for 2 weeks.  i went and did some gardening, and he comes out and tells me hes been weeding my gardens and putting the weeds on the lawn - OMG...!!...then he says 1 of the sprinklers are not going - so i had to manually water the tress etc due to the excessive heat were were having....

when they left nothing was clean, we took photos of the mess, we are asked them to leave due to false accusations being made about stalkers, (we have security lights that come on automatically) at 10.00 pm at night.   they made complaints to the booking agency.

we told the booking agency they were nutters. LOL

we were really annoyed, pointing the fingers at us.  we dont live on site.

anyway, after they left we discovered the wind was triggering the lights from trees.

so, all in all, it was a bad experience,  nothing we could do.

we took photos of their mess, send them to the booking agency

  they left food and cheese wraps and grapes on the floor in one of the bedrooms, 

they did not clean the place once in 2 weeks whilst they were there.  and when they left it was just horrible.   they breached the house rules and nothing more happended. 

they wont be coming back. we informed the booker (daughter) and she just went along with dads ***. 

just stupid people.





M Adamopoulou

We live on site and until now have no serious problems with guests.   I think it helps that we live on site...people are more careful...

Wish you only great guests.

Ian at Numurka…


did you see just now that BDC are having a genuis member push -

i'm getting excited.,..

 looking forward to surge in the bookings...!!

M Adamopoulou

Ian, yes I saw it.

Genius members are getting a little boost....

Hope boost will help our reservations....

Wish you luck....

Aaltje B.

You deserve great guests only. 


Not sure what to do about these lights that flick on and off. We had the same problem and we're back to normal lights again since it was too much of an annoyance. The night birds / bats or falling leaves cause the same problem, even strong winds! 


We have to stay on our toes all the time. Not easy, but we can do it Ian. 


Stay tuned and continue to be that super host. 


I am off to water the plants outside so guests see happy flowers again when returning after their walks. 






M Adamopoulou


Happy flowers make happy guests....

Spring is here....and my garden is waking up....

Have a beautiful day...