guest profiles

Hi All.

I'm a widow so live alone except for my small dog so am quite vulnerable to "bad" guests.

I'm also with airbnb but with them, I can check guests out before they arrive and, if I don't feel happy about the guest, I have a chance to refuse the booking. This of course, does not apply with booking.com so I have no idea who is going to arrive at my home. I think it would be a really good idea to have some sort of guest profile.  Is anybody else of the same opinion as me? I'd love some feedback.

Best wishes,



I can't see a guest profile being easy to implement on the BDC platform, it's just not geared that way.

What could be done, however, is a guest rating that only logged in partners can see on booked guests for their establishment, and have the right to cancel a booking on this alone.

If the guest has a Report-Guest against them then this should appear. maybe as unhappy faces. Get three and be barred from Genius for 12 months. Obviously there should also be the option to Thank-Guest, which could also work on a sliding scale, in the red for bad on balance or green for good.