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Guest Review

Wondering whether others here think it is acceptable for a guest to leave a comment that the "owner seemed confused"?


Is that a personal comment (don't forget these comments are open to the public ,including one's neighbours and associates)?


The comment did not indicate that the confusion was specific to anything particular  just that the person "appeared confused"


Seems like a personal put down to me.and I am wondering whether to bring it up with to delete that particular part of the review (which was otherwise very critical) 

Eddy 2 years ago

I've never managed to get reviews removed even when someone openly defames you. The OTA's and review websites like Trip Advisor etc. don't dedicate someone specific to examine reviews because they think it doesn't produce revenue for them. Little do they realize that the more false and damaging reviews they leave published on their websites the more they penalise the property and inevitably themselves in the long run.

I suggest you try and explain what happened as diplomatically as possible and then use the opportunity to highlight the good points about your property. Get some advertising with your reply. People read bad reviews and if you can turn it around you will win. 

Don't worry about your reply not being accepted because some websites say you are not supposed to advertise your property in your reply as I said previously unfortunately most OTA's and review websites don't dedicate much time to reviews.

Rooms 2 years ago

Thanks Stay,actually I have had, in the past success with getting guests reviews  deleted (in part) but only when they were factually incorrect.


That was also a good few years ago (with Tripadvisor) and ,as you seem to indicate the process on the side may be more algorithm driven than mediated by actual staff members.


A delay in implementation might not bother me as these reviews will remain for ever practically speaking .


On the one hand it may be more pleasant not to have to deal with complaints from some arguably difficult customers  but on the other it is undeniably annoying when they leave without  a word of their dissatisfaction and  then leave  an unpleasant review  like the one I have mentioned.

Going through some of the previous posts here  I gather that even racially themed offensive  reviews** can  be difficult to remove and so my own inconvenience seems  mild in comparison.


I will probably report it to  to see what they say , without any great hope. .

Thanks for the suggestion as to how to use it as a marketing opportunity.

I will think on that.


**I use that circumlocution since nearly all racial invective is mealy mouthed and only asserts itself fully  when it feels it has nothing to lose.


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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

Unfortunately, there's little or nothing we can do about nonsense, rude or false reviews. We're all going to get them one day, because that's what some people do. Some people will buy 2 lottery tickets, win the jackpot, then complain that the second ticket won nothing.

If you can't turn a review into a marketing opportunity, ignore it. It'll soon get buried by good reviews. The occasional bad review tends to stand out as "grumpy customer" rather than "poor accommodation and poor service".

Rooms 2 years ago

Thanks ,appreciate your answer.

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Don Burns 2 years ago

I am handicapped and in a wheelchair.  A recent guest wrote in her review that she felt uncomfortable talking with me, while I was in my wheelchair.


Booking,com host support would not delete this inappropriate comment about me.