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Hello, I don't know if some of you have had the same Problem then me, but i'm very unsatisfied with the way Booking handels the Guest Reviews. Example: A Guest gives in the six Questions a Puntuation of 10, then he gets a question to evaluate his Holidays in General. There comes the Problem, Guests don't understand that it refers to the Place where they have been lodged and can evaluate anything that has spoiled their Holidays, like the Wheather, a long wait for a Taxi or in a Restaurant, not finding Parking Space in Town, an llness or thousand things more. Well that generates that a Guest gives you 10 in the 6 questions and for example a 9 in the General, now that 9 is what appears in the Comment in a Big Number up on the Left, and makes your General Punctuation go down, apart from that it is the first thing your Potential next Guest is going to see when he has a look at the Comments of your Place, i think that that Question should me made in a different way so that the Guest understands that it refers to the Place they have booked, because we can't do Miracles, wee can't change the Wheather neither change all the other circumstances that have nothing to do with our Apartments or Hotels, so it should not appear in the Comments, nor affect your General Punctuation. There are Patforms that if the Guest gives a low Punctuation in UBICATION, they recieve a question asking if the Place was not at the distance indicated in the Anouncement. because if i have a Place at 1.6 kilometer from Town Center and Guests have indicated that it was a bit far from Town, because they don't read the announcemt. It's like if you booked a Place in London at say that DisneyLand was a bit far.

Thank you

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BrookAve 1 year ago

This has already been covered, and BdC have highlighted it after the recent conference they held.


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