Guest Review Score

Hello everyone! ?

Don't you think this "new" way for guests to evaluate our property is very unfair? 

They score 10 in all categories and then in the global score they give 9 !!!!!

It is very unfair, in the past, it made more sense, as it was the result of the scores given by the guest... don't you share our opinion?

stay safe

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Hi  Casas da Lupa


Yes there is a monster topic thread from 18+ months ago on it, and nothing has changed, we've moved on from the drama, as its been debated to death on here.


The reason it happens is because some Guests are thick as a plank .... they have the option to give an overall rating which is independant of the sub topics. One person's idea of an 8 is another person's 5 and so on. Its flawed.



Those massive topic threads are on here some where and were previously featured.


Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well