We’ve resolved an issue with your invoice payment history

We recently became aware of a technical issue in the extranet that meant the information displayed about your invoice and payment history may not have been up to date. We’re happy to let you know we’ve now resolved the issue, and the status of your invoices and recent payments is now updated.


You don’t need to contact us about this. We’d like to reassure you that our internal payment systems weren’t affected at any point, and our records of your invoices and payments remained accurate throughout. We apologise for any inconvenience.



Guest Reviews

Dear community,

I have a question regarding the guest reviews. I´ve got two reviews with 6x a 10. But in result the end score ist just a 9. I don´t understand this because if I calculate the average of my other reviews I will receive always a correct sum in the end. But this scores are not correct far as I understand. So what to do?



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Richard Osborn

Just talked with booking.com. They don't care and say that it is not a problem with the new system because no one is complaining.

I see lots of people that don't like it and they just don't care.

It's all about that 15% they take.

4 months ago