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Guest Reviews

How can a guest give me 10 for all sub categories, but 8 as an overall score?? I am definitely not happy with the way the score are being given now!! There are quite a few reviews that had me stunned but this is the most recent one! NOT A GOOD SYSTEM, AS YOU ARE LEAVING THE FINAL SCORE TO THE GUEST! When a guest has been traveling for 4 or 6 weeks, how can you expect them to give an accurate score if they have to review 40 hosts, stayed on their travels??



Welcome Gerda,


Only a few months late on this topic already covered about 5 times and a main topic is now 7+ pages long and growing....


Their just is no link between the overall and the categories. which is intentional.


Its the same regardless of how many places stayed or how long, something you get good guests who actually read your checkout auto message which might state :

Please take a moment to rate your stay. I would really appreciate it if you leave less than 10 in any category that you leave constructive feeback comments to explain it , so that we may learn from it and look at how we can improve.