Guests broke stuff in the kitchen

The last Booking guests who came to our house broke the pressure cooker that had a value of $100. They also left the house in a mediocre state and we spent an entire day cleaning their mess. Would it be possible to impose them a fee of $100 for breaking down cooking ustensils that we kindly provide for the kitchen? Or to get reimbursed by Booking?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

Leandri Klopper

Hey Marie,

Thanks for asking.

I'm afraid for this particular one, you have lost that money. Most places have a Deposit which is supposed to cover breakages, guests needs to pay this upon arrival and get it back if they did not break anything.

Booking.com won't reimburse you. But take a look at this article: How do I report issues with guest misconduct?

Best of luck!


Must take deposit. No 1 cares about items provided for convenience and comfort. I had damages more than value of deposit. Booking.com doesn't do much about it. I am planning to increase deposit over the weekends to avoid any further stress , loss of earning and damages. My one location in town is risky for damages but others are fine.
I would strongly recommend taking/preauthrising deposits to cover some damage instead of nothing.
All the best.

Leandri Klopper

Hi Alasma ,

Thanks for your contribution. Yes sadly you get people who won't take care of material things if it isn't their own. I strongly suggest you raise you Deposit, we did it and it has worked miracles for us.