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Guests invite friends

My Studio is 85 sq m. fully equipped. If a guest wants to invite friends over should I permitted?

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

We have a day visitor policy, but our properties have large communal areas. We charge per Car, but we do not allow there to be like 12 people stuffed on the back of a bakkie. So we basically charge per 4 people and give strict rules on what is allowed and what not.

I don't know, it's different with your space. I think you can advise your guests that they need to ask permission first, that way you can ask the nature of the visit. Like is it the guest's granny coming for a cup of tea? Or are 7 of the guests' male friends coming over the watch the rugby and have a loud braai afterwards? That way you can say yes or no.

Interesting topic, hoping the friends will join in.

Thuild - Your …

Friends are here.

We allow guests in small numbers, 1-2 per room max, and they have to leave by 10 PM and cannot stay for more than 3-4 hours straight.

Other than that, there might be cases when for example they book the whole place, then guests can come if they check-in with us as guests so we know who to call if something happens. This is mostly when they throw parties here, which we permit but with strict guidelines. The noise not being one of them as long as the noise stays inside the building.

But you could have issues with sports fans watching games as they can become very hard to control in many cases. Even the more educated ones.


Zsolt -

M Adamopoulou

I mean invite for coffee or for
a meal not to stay over so I don’t charge anything.

M Adamopoulou

Of course we have to draw lines because things can get out of hand. Thanks for mentioning it Joey.

Thuild - Your …


I have a rule that we close the main door at 11:30 PM, in case they want to go out, then we leave it open and they must close it after themselves.

We never had an issue with that. Although the gate has remained open because some forgot to close it (each room key comes with a remote for the gate).

We enforce it by giving them an ultimatum-like choice.

You don't arrive on time, you're out, you arrive too soon, you wait. We make sure they get it when they check-in and we also present the rooms to each guest, so there is a clear picture for them on where everything is and how to use it.

This is how I do things and how I teach hoteliers when I do consulting: design things preventively and make operations work preventively.

That will ensure that you'll have the least amount of situations where things can go wrong. People are like cattle and sheep, so build around that idea :)

Zsolt -


"Zsolt - what I find interesting in some of your posts is that you seem to have very well defined rules on various things."

I keep following advices of Zsolt and the best thing that they are not just dreaming, wanting, wishing... They are proven from experience and explained in very clear simple manner. Always hitting the center of the problem. I consider myself lucky to have a great chance to learn and implement.

Just like this advise is worth of thousand euros:

"design things preventively and make operations work preventively."

People pay thousands for education, degree, diploma, courses... I graduated myself in Real Estate and yet I find this advice is not just sound good, but saving you money in a long run.

GUESTS. We consider guests who stay till 11pm. Overnight means clients with all consequences.

It's a Filipino culture to have guests (and I love guests so much too). That's why we can't put very strict rules. In our case 99% of people do not have guests. Somehow our area was created for those people who already come with their companion and it's hard to get the guest unnoticed as there is a security guard to watch people who go in and out.

Also, we have function rooms. If anyone wants, they can have a party and the rental of those beautiful rooms is cheap.

Only one time we had a problem with the guest, who wanted to rent for 2 weeks but they were 3 people. When she started communication with me, she said if it's ok to bring guest. Later I found out that they are 3 and I can't understand why she had to say "guests", when apartment is good for 3 anyway? They stayed for 2 weeks and everything went well.

Sara Jarvis

Joey don’t know where you are but is your single sheet of paper in English?


"10 bullet points on one sheet of paper."

Would you mind to share with us?

M Adamopoulou

I have also House Rules in 10 bullet point I will share them with you as soon as I can because I am on the go. Thanks for mentioning it it’s nice to exchange ideas.

M Adamopoulou

Guests are required to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. This is what I have in my listing regarding ID. Do you think it’s enough because one of my guests didn’t wanted to give his ID because he was already verified by booking.


What do you mean "Verified by Booking"? There is no such thing as even basic "verification". Anyone can put fake name, fake telephone number and we don't see credit card details. The name used as guests name and the name used for credit card are 2 completely different things. No ID, no entry. Period.


"I have also House Rules in 10 bullet point" I am excited to see them! Hopefully Joey will share them too. And everyone else! My hands are itchy to outline mine. Before they were about basic things like turning off air-conditioning and not smoking as there is smoke detector. Now I will include that unjustified bad review will have consequences 😉


Miss Adamopoulou,

My advice is to allow the visits if they don't plan to have a party or stay the night.

This can even lead you to more future bookings. The friends of your guests is possible they will become your future clients. At least this has happened to me. They saw my villa and compared it to the hotel they had booked with almost double price and then booked me the next year.

As for my guests rules I don't know about that. No matter what I write and in which language they don't read them. They only pay attention to what I explain to them myself.

M Adamopoulou

Sakats thanks for your suggestion. As you said hopefully the guests friends become my future clients. Unfortunately my guests also don’t read my house rules they don’t want to spend their precious time reading about rules probably already known to them.

Leandri Klopper

Hey everyone,

Yey the friends did indeed arrive!

A very good read, thanks to everyone's contributions.

We found that Repetition is key. They get it on email when they book, they get reminded of it when I send their confirmation letter, they get reminded again prior to arrival, then hear the summary of it again when they arrive and then there are copies of the rules in the chalet (and for good measure, some of the important ones are posted all over the resort.). I'm quite sure by the time our guests leave the resort, I can ask them to take an exam of the rules and they would all pass having seen and heard the rules about 5 times.

I think Zsolt, you will approve of this strategy because it conforms to your preventitive theory.

But what really helps is that when they arrive, they can't get their keys without speaking to our receptionists who has to explain the Main bullets (like you all are talking about) and make them sign a copy that they understand the rules and that they will abide by them.

So there are a few lines the guest needs to cross before entering as such, and should they then not abide by them, we have legal right to kick'em. Technically.

So, M Adamopoulou , what did you decide to do?

M Adamopoulou

Yes I permit guests to bring their friends for a dinner or a drink. I always give a remote control to my guests so they can come as late as they want. I leave in Greece and don’t forget in my country cities never sleep especially in the Summertime. One of my guest came 6 o’clock in the morning.


Telephone numbers are not verified. In most cases other sites do send the sms code to verify. Booking doesn't have such basic option.

Moreover, if the country uses let say 10 digits number. The guest can put 15 digits number. It will not even match to the standards.

Same is true for their name... The guest can say he is Brad Pitt and it's up to hotelier to verify his identity.

M Adamopoulou

Thank you all for the very helpful information about ID. Next time nobody gets in without showing his ID.

These are my rules:

  1. Extra guests are allowed: 10 € charge per person per night.
  2. Smoking is not allowed in the Studio. You can smoke outside and dispose your cigarettes afterwards.
  3. Parties are not allowed.
  4. Any illegal action is prohibited (drugs etc.)
  5. If you need to do any laundry you can use the washing machine provided in the accommodation so please let me know.
  6. Extra cleaning if needed is charged.
  7. Please always close the screen windows and doors and do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests.
  8. When leaving the Studio please make sure you have locked all windows and doors for your own safety. Also please turn off lights, electric and electronic devices.
  9. Please respect my house and my belongings. You are responsible for your own acts and ommissions and for any individuals whom you invite to the accommodation.
  10. Please look for broken items and contact me if you find anything that needs replacing. Please also contact me if you break something in order to replace it.
  11. For any accident or damage in the house during the stay the guests are to be held responsible.
  12. You can park in the private parking free of charge. The parking door opens with a remote control. Parking outside the house is permitted but please leave the parking way free.
  13. When cheking-out please leave the Studio as tidy as possible and in the condition it was when you arrived.
  14. Wishing you a pleasant stay at the Adams’ Studio House.

April 2018

Do you all make guests sign up a copy and make them understand the rules and that they will abide by them?

Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks again for your precious time.

Goodninght to all.

Bandara Hotels…

M Adamopoulou I believe that you already got your answer. Anyway I am here to agree with those advise as well.

All guest ID needed (Mandatory) except quick visitor, especially if they are stay overnight or use hotel facility such as swimming pool, sauna then we should charge them as well.


I would be checking your insurance broker and take advice from them. If a non registered guest has an accident who is liable ?


Hotel,guest house,B&B insurance in the UK is essential for staying/paying guests

Your policy is unlikely to cover friends visiting your guests unless you organise and pay an extra premium which can be as much as the original premium- we have checked this out with several major UK insurance companies ( brokers often gloss over this to get your business -sorry but true)

If you do not do this you are at risk of a visitor claiming against you and you know how many injury claim specialists advertise on UK TV daily !!

We cannot afford the extra premium we were quoted

So we do not take the risk

Only paying guests are allowed in

Hardball but a better than risk a claim for £1000's !! - several are going through UK courts now !!!!!

Leandri Klopper

Hey guys,

We have large notices everywhere "Enter at own risk" with a liability waiver. It also clearly states that by entering the property, you agree to the terms.

For extra cover, every one (and I mean Every one) signs the indemnity form when they enter. If they refuse, then no entry for them.

So we don't have insurance etc, might be because of where I am though. Other countries, such as monet now pointed out, probably operates differently.


We have a "no party policy" as well as a city noise ordinance rule that a guest has to agree to upon booking. A few friends coming over for supper is one thing but anything more than that and there's a security deposit risk, among other things.

It depends on what your property is geared for. Ours is a vacancy home geared towards a family environment. People who want to party will probably prefer a hotel room near the beach, not a home in a residential neighborhood.

Siandav Lill

Very interesting. We are very small and only had one experience which is where a ladies family was camping and she bought several children back here for a shower, leaving sand in the shower. I would not allow that to happen again and would not allow them to visit in the B&B. Sounds harsh but we cannot be responsible for visitors in a small B&B.

Good luck regards Avril