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Guests not reading the fine print!

We are constantly frustrated at guest not reading the terms associated with our property. I'd like to see BDC improve the readability of these things prior to guest's making a booking. 

We are a unique property in the Aussie Outback and one size does not fit all!

Who else has these issues?




Laura Frankum

Yes, we have had this too.

Some guests don't read anything you send through, not even the directions!

They prefer to telephone us at al times of the day and sometimes the night, because they can't find something or need some local information. Even though It has all been sent through to them prior, AND there's an information book at the property with everything in

It is very frustrating  

I would like to see the platform let us pos for examplet 5 important things about our property, and ask the guests to tick each box to say they have read the information.



Honestly, Booking is the most readable and clear site you have seen. That's why they still have clients, though they have other imperfections.

Nowadays, people do not like to read! Proof? Just check how many properties offer books! Even 5 stars hotels do not do that. And what even more... people are even lazy to look at pictures asking the host too many questions...

Right after the booking send your Terms in a welcome message and repeat, if needed!