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Harbour View Guesthouse - Winner - 2018 Awards

We are highly rated with all guests because we offer 1st hand travel experience: we have provided a shuttle service to sporting venues, the airport and shopping centres.

Our English guest (Anne) was delighted at the excellent guide service we offered.

Karsten (a German sportsman competing in a 24 hour event) was very happy that we drove him to/from the event, and let him shower and  rest before driving him to the airport.

A young Korean man was very happy when we took him to a famous beach he wished to photograph at sunset.

We know we are doing things right by the high numbers of returning guests and referrals.

Our guests love the fact that we offer excellent advice regards travelling throughout NZ based on our first hand knowledge, particularly Northland, Rotorua/Taupo and the South Island.

Everyone regards Andrew as their personal travel consultant and historian.

Annie and Andrew will do everything possible to make your stay peaceful and enjoyable.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Agaray550209 and welcome to the forum. Excellent work you are doing. Very nice that your guests appreciate it. There is a thread for Review awards 2018 so join it to share your experiences and thoughts.
Happy posting....