Help with connecting

Dear Mr. or Mrs.

please I need connecting with Slovak or Czech support.

You call me on ***.

Thank you for possitive answer.

Marketing Kelebercova


This is the partner forum so we are unable to help call you.  You can contact the booking.com help team using the Inbox icon on extranet.

Juraj Malik- J…

Dobrý deň,

ďakujem. Snažím sa spojiť sa s booking podporou už veľmi dlho. Keďže neviem veľmi dobre po anglicky, som v koncoch. Vedeli by ste mi poradiť, prečo nefungujú slovenská alebo česká podpora? Plánujeme napájanie chanel managera a nejako sa nám nedarí upraviť počet izieb. Ďakujem


Good day, well thank you. I have been trying to connect with booking support for a very long time. Since I don't know English very well, I'm done. Can you advise me why Slovak or Czech support does not work? We are planning to power the chanel manager and somehow we are not able to adjust the number of rooms. well thank you


As I mentioned this is the partner forum, so for other hoteliers to discuss issues and talk things through, so I cannot explain about a support team.  Unfortunately the majority of us are English speaking.  I can appreciate it must be difficult trying to explain a problem in a second language.

Here is a link to all the phone numbers for local support.  Hope you can get some help.