Hide Listing?


I would like to know how to hide my listing. Can anyone help?


M Adamopoulou

Hi Adele-Hammond and welcome to the forum.

Why do you want to hide your listing?

Adele Hammond

We use other sites to host and I receive notifications when people want to book. I don't with Booking.com and understand this is not their practice. I almost double booked the other day because I was unaware someone had reserved. This will not work for us. I'd rather kill the listing than risk a double booking.

Jea Parker

This is my problem too Adele. I too would like to cancel my listing but don't know how except to block off all the rooms.


You can close your room off and people can't book.

Booking is instant book, so you just need to sync your booking.com with other calendars and it would prevent double bookings.

M Adamopoulou

Adele-Hammond it is very weird that you don’t get a notice about bookings. Booking.com sends me always instant messages about my reservations.
As cassid said sync calendars prevents double booking unless there’s a double booking the very same moment which is a not so easily to occur.


no help offered in howto snooze a listing!
I don't want to say why I just want to know how to temporarily deactivate my listing


If I'm not mistaken, blocking rooms on my Booking.com calendar will update my linked calendars on *other* STR sites, thus making them all hidden.

I had an issue with Booking.com accepting a one-night reservation even though I have it set as a 3 night minimum. Also, apparently there is no way to have have Booking.com charge a refundable deposit. Is this correct? What I read seems to say I need to meet the guest at the door and get a cash deposit from them. Stupid. Also, having to dig through the site looking for some way to put my listing on hold (and still never finding it..) is also stupid.

Booking.com has a way to go before they are as user friendly as some of the other STR sites. Oh, and where is a number to call for member service? Have yet to find that.


As it turns out, you cannot change the "status" of your listing on your own and you must ask Booking.com to do this "internally" from their side. What a pain!

I was able to Pause or Hide my listings on other very popular sites, but not with Booking. I would ask Booking.com to ADD the ability to adjust the status of my listing(s) myself from the Extranet. Please consider this request :-)

Ria and Pat Hayden

Yes, please add it so we as owners can hide or snooze our listings. I can do this on two other popular sites and have just hidden my listing on Booking.com for good because I can't do it myself and it's too time consuming to call each time. I can't say why I have to hide often but I do and with others I can go in each time and do it myself. IT's an easy fix Booking.com :)