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Hikup in the Advice-system

There is some serious challenges related to the Advice-system.

What ever we do to answer (also on the Puls-app) it keeps coming back with the same advices. Especially is this very annoying on the Puls-app on a mobile device due to the space it takes on top of the page. We are NOT happy at all being spammed with extremely many advices every day. I have now spent two hours trying to remove all on Extranet (we have a lot of properties), just to find out that they come back after a refreshing of the page. What is the objective doing this kind of spamming? Most, or none, of these "advices" are useful for us anyway. should fix this asap.

1. Remove this from the Puls-app so we never more have to see it or the app is going to be completely useless . 2. Fix the problem so that if we manually remove an advice from Extranet then it is removed for ever.

Make our day using your tools happy, not miserable.

Oh yes, we have reported this through all the channels we can but there is a total lack of knowledge on how to solve this and the answers we get is very strange ;) 

Leandri Klopper

Hey Frode,

Very good points. 

I think the only thing one can really do to remove those suggestions/advise is to send feedback to 

They did say at Click2018 that they will focus on feedback! Maybe they will make a button for it... I myself need to be bombarded by the suggestions/advise otherwise I forget to go and look. 

Keep well. 


Yes, we have tried every channel we can - for a month - but it seams that they do not understand the matter or who internally to fix this.

Its clearly to me that there must be an error in the app when sending out the same "advice" for the same property constantly, and repeating for all our properties this is a bit to much spam for me ;)

Puls is a very useful tool but now we have stopped using it till they remove the advice-spam (totally) for ever. They can keep it on the extranet where it's not in the way. It's sad we cant reach trough the walls with issues like this :(


Leandri Klopper

Too true too true!

I just want to make sure that we are both talking about the same thing. Are you talking about the Opportunities that spams us with? And no matter how many times you dismiss it, it pops back up?



Correct Leandri,

Normally there was a way around this, at least for a while, to dismiss them with some sort of reason but now, in Puls they just go in an endless loop taking up space on top of the page on my mobile device.   

Really annoying :/