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Host Reviews / Host Experience

There exist Guest Review / Guest Experience ... Mirroring there should exist Host Reviews and Host Experiences, so non-professional hosts can have an idea of who is going to rent and/or share our house.  

M Adamopoulou


Yes it would be nice if we could review our guests but there is no such option...

Maybe in the future....


Indeed been asked for many times now, long overdue.


The only real world ideal solution would be a 3rd part independent site so you could see that guest across all OTA.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Barry, a Partner had once mentioned that there is such a site where we can search for our guests but don’t know if it still exists???

Penghana Bed &…

I find this all very frustrating. Our property has had a 9.5 rating for three of the four years  we have operated our bed and breakfast business. We live in fear, quite seriously and literally, that this excellent score will drop due to's beligerence in keeping this new system.

Even the old system had flaws but the new system will be detrimental to our business and will affect our profitability.

Alvaro de León

Booking has open his site to non-professional hosts. It should give them these tools so they can be reasonably safe. Otherwise, non-professional hosts will prefer renting their places using some other service.