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Hotels following government guidelines can serve essential workers. getting the facts wrong again.

Hotels as ours in the middle of the food industry heartlands can continue to take bookings from essential workers and don’t need “agents” giving advise on our business




You will find your tailored region contact info in :


Extranet > Inbox > Booing Messages.


On right pane click to reveal it on See Contact Options.


Be Safe, Be Well



The Mansion Ho…

It’s just not right that you go and block bookings and if you do you may have to face the economic backlash from hotels post coronavirus. None of your competitors have been so arrogant as to think we don’t know our own trading climate!!



FYI you are not addressing BdC management on here, its just primarily fellow partners. So BdC will never see this.


Ocassionally the BdC communities team will gleam notes from postings here and send it to meetings to discuss but that is about it.