House with extra charge for additional guests

 I have a house that sleeps 8 guests, we have a flat rate for the first 2 guests, every guest after the first two incurs an additional cost.  Often we find we will get a booking for 2 guests and when we go to clean the house all of the beds have been slept in, and no matter how hard we try we don't get paid for the extra guests.

What do other people do? should I close the additional bedroom doors and put a sign on those doors inside the house? Just at a loss as to how we should handle this, any advice.



Leandri Klopper

Hey Nicola,

Sorry to hear about your struggles. Sjoh people can do strange things, honestly. I would add it to my house rules : No sleepover guests allowed, charges applicable. Add it on Booking.com, add it on print outs around the premises and make sure to inform the guests at check in.

If they don't adhere to this, then you press that Report guest misconduct button that they've installed on the Extranet.

That's my advise. Hoping some of our Partners have better things to add.

M Adamopoulou

I personally would try first to close the bedroom doors leaving the beds without linen. If that doesn’t work then I would do what Leandri suggests.

Liz M Lockwood

Hi , I have the second bedroom door locked. I also have a single in the main bedroom with the queen. I have just a coverlet on there and no actual bedding. A few cushions. I also have a security camera in the driveway. If more than the number of guests booked arrive they need permission from us to enter the property. I have this in my terms and conditions which are sent as soon as the booking is made and paid for. Like a back up plan in case they haven't read my rules on their booking form. So far so good. I only leave one towel per guest also. They can ask for more if a longer stay is happening.


I have been to this stage Nicola and can understand your pain.
We do send a welcome message with a note that deposit will be affected if more than booked guests found at the apartment. We also put a lock on bedroom not required.
Taking a deposit has solved a lot of issues. Still struggling with 1 person booking but couple stays . Can't think of anything at the moment as we offer double bed for 1 or couple.
All the best.

Amin Mohammed

I have been thinking of various approach for this

1. keep seperate listings for entire house and individual rooms .
then keep the minimum rate for booking as close to what you expect for full house booking . say if you are looking for 200 per night for all rooms , dont set any discount or keep very less discount for 2 people ,

down side of this approach is , you the house will be prefered only by bigger group due to rates ( I do this ) and keep like 5% discount for less people

2. if house is self checkin i think keeping flat rate for 2 or 8 is only safe option .

3. i ask the house keeping staff to go and greet the guests and if extra we charge like 30 per person this charge i keep less that what they would have paid other wise in any bnb

what you should also do is, if you have booking with discount for 2 i.e different price for 2 and 8 guests ,i would recommend go to fianance section and download excel sheets for all booking and review the pattern if yoru bigger business is from 2 guests that is most of your bookings are 2 guests , you can check while greeting to show house controls etc and meeting guests during checkin if you can .

i made and execl sheet to review this so i can make better decisions


We have had the same issues with our cottage. We have it listed to sleep up to 8 people for a certain amount and add more money for up to 2 more people. But they just bring extra people and even bring sleeping bags with them and sleep on the floor. One time they put our table and chairs outside and it was raining. We have decided to only say it sleeps 8 people. I have also thought about putting a security camera near the entrance. We have also charged extra on a guests credit card with permission from booking.com. We find most people don't read the emails we send out because they get so many each day.

M Adamopoulou

Info you are right about people not reading e-mails. . " I get too many e-mails so I dont bother with them" is the answer a guest of mine gave me when I asked him why he had not replied to my e-mails. Perhaps this is another issue that booking.com has to deal with.