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How can i cancel my guest reservation


I want to cancel one of my guest reservation

Can you help me? Because it's an overlapping book with another site. I already tried to contact the guest but they don't give any response to me until now.

Thank you.

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Sounds like a double booking due to assumption of calendar sync.


FYI : calendar sync should not be used between OTAs, there is no sync manager.


You need a channel manager tool to pull all into it and use it as the golden copy.


e.g. eviivo, nobeds, cloudsbeds


Now for the overbooking do the following:  

  • Open the details page for it.  
  • Message Guest - "Sorry but we do not have availability for those dates and I must cancel this booking. Should you have any other dates i mind I would be happy to confirm them for you. You will receive a notification shortly to confirm the cancellation and if any  payment prepaid this will then trigger a refund '  
  • On right pane of the detail page, click Request Cancellation  
  • Choose Option 2 - this triggers full refund once guest actions link in notification.  
  • Wait for guest to confirm , then status will update to cancelled.  
  • Note: if last minute or within 48 hours of check-in. you will have no choice but to phone BdC support to handle it for you.  
  • Set restrictions to prevent last minute bookings as payment on arrival, set prepaid.



Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide

Reminder partner only community, has no link to BdC support, you must contact them directly.  


Kind Regards


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