How to change the location of the property

As my property name and code is Holiday Inn 4875721

Please update my location in Kharar Punjab its on your site as its in Jaipur India

call me at 9815151895 for any other assistance.





N one will call that phone number , you must give the ocrrect location coords to support team, via message in extranet.


Kind Regards

Aaltje B.

Hi Bakshishane32 

This team you are trying to get an answer from is not paid by BookingdotCom. We are hosts like you and support each other and share ideas. 

We have no say over your property whatsoever. 

But you can contact ( as Barry Reilly mentioned correctly) the Booking dot Com team via the extranet via your computer or phone.


Within the Home department there you will see "contact" 

Hope this helps. 



Aaltje B.