How to contact my ad campaign manager, Kristi

Dear Kristi, We are moved in and ready to tackle promotional listing. To set up a call remember we are one day ahead of USA time. Time difference is 13hrs and 45 mins ahead of you. A good time to catch me is 8am or 8pm, my time any day. I use Viber, whatsapp, Skype*****), LINE, Messenger. My number is ********. What works for you? Can we use Chat? Have you seen my business post on Linked in? Can we use that as a start? Be well, Albert  


Hi Albert, welcome to the booking.com partner forum.

Not sure booking.com personnel are active here other than to moderate the posts!

You might want to try using the inbox from the admin portal or call bdc directly.

In the meantime you might want to remove your contact number from the post!