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How to continue registration to add my first listing?


I have added my apartment to from about a year and till now I didnt get the email or link to continue registering my apartment and adding it to my listing to starting hosting guests. 

Each time i login here they tell me that an email will be sent to continue registration for my listing and after waiting I dont get any email.   

What can i do to finish registering my apartment and start hosting guests.

Best Regards,



Check from account settings that the email you have in the profile is the correct one.

Also check for this email in your junk/spam as it will contain links and can easily be flagged incorrectly.

Louis Van Wyk

Im registered with Nightsbridge and they registered my property on your site too, here is the problem, I dont have any login detail or registered on and receiving your guest already.

I have created a profile now, but how do I link the one from Nightsbridge to my name on

Establishment Credentials for "See View Apartments (***)" on Nightsbridge

Louis Van Wyk


Community Admin

Dear Louis Van Wyk! Thanks for posting in the Community!

If you already registered your property with, it is really easy to link it with Nightsbridge. Please follow this instruction:

But, please, make sure to contact Nightsbridge regarding the property, that they registered with us in order to avoid double listing. If they successfully registered your property, they will be able to provide you with login credentials. 

Good luck!