How to decide what to pay your cleaner and co-host

How to pay your cleaner an host.that mange your property before r after u take out all your expenses like light water cable cleaner BDC commission an deal commission ..etc out balance I got pay by can anyone help me pls

Just want to know.how to mange my money..when other people working for me like the cleaner an host thar mange my property.when I am not around

Keba Wilson

Just want to mange my money this 2019 better..my host don't do much he just take the cleaner to clean an then he supervised what to do send pic's to me an tell what to move..out the way .if bed inside don't look way I wanted it he fix it correctly..so is job is to make sure cleaner come to clean.an check in guest an check them out.. so can u guys tell me how would u pay the host out full paymentioned of my booking r after I pay all my bills ?pls

michael beeston

Hi Guys.a tricky one, we pay our cleaners as in AUSTRALIA ALL outgoings are a TAX Deduction so it works well for us, BUT I have a friend who rents out short term she charges the guests $80 for cleaning !! but reduces the rental...strange but it works for her..Thanks.


Our cleaners are also salaried, tax deductible.

Keba Wilson

I believe so too..tax him..not sure about that BDC take there percent..so what I do paid him out of balance I got paid..
After I take out commission utility monthly out goings..then I paid out of that balance.as for the cleaner I charge cleaning fee..in my book in each reservation. So is just the host I have pay..I need trust full cleaner that can collect the balance of payment from the guest. An then I don't have to pay.. host an cleaner..2019 a lot change's in my business. ..

Azeddine Sadiki

two ways to get more money without paying additional taxes...

1- ask the guest to perform cleaning by offering him a discounted rate if he wanna make the cleaning (amount not considered for the commission).

2- charge the cleaning fees separately (you will not pay the commission on these)