How do I get a guest moved so I can close my account?

I have done Airbnb in two different cities for five years now. I NEVER had a bad experience. But, after hell with getting my payment options set up, I got my first guest to actually show up and she is a hot mess that I want out of my house. However I have now discovered that BDC has zero support for their hosts and I am stuck with her. 

If you are interested as to why, it is in this paragraph - if not, sip to next paragraph... This woman arrived and got her pot out of her bag that she had smuggled into Mexico. I have no problems with pot but I have a huge problem that I am here on a visa as a guest in this country and if anything is tied to me that is illegal I can very easily be deported. And because I am in an area that has a few poorly paid police office, calling the police often means them having sticky fingers as they are "investigating" and taking everything they can carry.  She arrived with no phone or computer. I have my landline as the phone number for my rental but she ask for my cell in case she got stranded somewhere and needed help and I stupidly felt sorry for her as she is older. (She is searching for a place to rent here.) She started giving all the property managers, taxi drivers, friends she meets...my cell number. I have had to play her secretary all week. Even after I repeatedly telling her NOT to give out my personal number she has continued to do so. Plus, I keep finding her in my personal area looking for things like a fingernail file (she said,) or at one point even letting herself into my area to see if my shower had more water pressure. I have listened to her on the phone tell one lie after another (said to one person her aunt was dying so she was here in Mexico trying to take care of her and needed money - not true as she has keeps telling me she has no family to help her when I tell her no to giving her a ride. She can pour on tears in a split second,) so I know she is a con artist. She dyed her hair in my bathroom getting stains all over the grout. She needs to go now but I have zero support removing her unless I want to pay to rebook her at a time is it is packed everywhere in town and I will be losing twice what I would make. The only open spots close are x4 times my home and are full villas. 

So, back to quitting this nightmare site and going back to one where I can refuse a guest... I had another guest that booked before I could delete my account. (I now have marked all dates till 2020 as closed.) It will be a four day stay and again right in high season. I really really do not want to host this guest or ever have anything to do with booking.com ever again. I read they will charge transportation, extra costs, and phone calls? Am I looking at a $200 a day hit? Do they spitefully rebook people into the most expensive they have? What have others paid to cancel a guest? 

Thank you all. Hoping this looney woman who has absolutely no internet presence, spilt at least eight credit cards out of her purse, says she was the first female surfer in CA, talks non-stop about her well to do family that invented the bandstand and were the first to put tuna in a can, leaves in peace and only with what belongs to her. It is awful to be punished for trusting what I thought to be a respected platform. Thank you in advance for your info!


Hosting patients is just part of the business we're in. It can happen in any respected platform. Also at AirBnB.
You can't call the police and also you can be deported? Well I guess it's the easiest way just to wait for the check-out date and it will be all over then.
Will you at least get paid for the stay?
Usually for relocation you must find at least the same standard as the original booking or better. BDC don't spitefully rebook people into the most expensive, but if the guest is complaining a lot or is not satisfied with the relocation, then it may happen that BDC is "forced" to find a better alternative which can cost you more. Your guest sounds like bipolar and a pathalogical liar, the relocation could cost you more as it should.

Kim Sepahpur

"Hosting patients is just part of the business we're in. It can happen in any respected platform. Also at AirBnB."

I have never in five years of doing Airbnb experience a guest like this. Not even close. I now am missing 1500 pesos and she has had the nerve to blame the housekeeper who has worked for me for two years, the people who owned the house before me for six years, and the people who built the house for 14 years. In 22 years this housekeeper has not stolen once. Airbnb would have terminated her stay and banned her for life. Booking.com made it clear it was my problem. Now it will be the problem of the person who she is staying with next. And yes, she was on my computer looking for her next booking.com rental. I think bipolar is too nice for this woman. I think she is psychotic. She could care less if she is causing problems for someone else or tricking them into giving her things or doing things for her. She stiffed a taxi driver who then rang my doorbell for payment. She could care less this poor guy makes pennies here in Mexico. She said he "drove rough" and she wasn't paying. I had to foot the bill and give him a very nice tip so he wouldn't think all gringas are evil.

"Will you at least get paid for the stay?"

I don't know. Booking.com states it is five working days till they give me payment since I am out of the USA. I am assuming they already ran her card and the five days is to transfer payment to me. As this is my first Booking guest I have no idea what happens if she has used a stolen card or stops the visa payment. I hate to once again compare apples to oranges, but Airbnb has my money in my account the day that the guest checks in.

I have canceled the other guest already booked with Booking.com and will find out how much that costs me as soon as that person is relocated. I am removing myself from Booking and go back to simple, safer Airbnb.

You all have fun. This platform, I'm sure works well for some but I need a support network.

Aaltje B.

I have searched your situation and it says: How do I report issues with guest misconduct.

It tells you how to report her.

There is a serious problem that you have and I wouldn't take no for an answer.

At least you can prevent that she is trying to book again.

But BDC should know her name too, to prevent that she is making bookings elsewhere.

I really hope that you do get things sorted and that BDC team is able to support you.

And last : I like Airbnb too :) All the best, happy hosting in the future.


Aaltje B.


Kim, luckly the majority of the guests are OK. You just had a really bad luck with your first booking.
Also AirBnB doesn't ban/terminate that easy though. Specially if the guest is a good liar..
Anyways good luck, it will be over soon. :)

If the booking was pre-paid to BDC (Payments by BDC), you don't have to worry about not valid or stolen CC's.


"Airbnb would have terminated her stay and banned her for life." it's other way around, they ban the host for any kind of lie.

Stop your kindness. No one will pay you for using your phone and you didn't need to pay her bills, you just didn't need to do that. Next time set your "personal borders". If you have experience of 5 years you should know how guests can solve their own problems, without host going out of her way.

Such guest can come through any platform. In my case Airbnb so far is the worse as they can easy keep me awake several nights and take more money than I have in account, without having any kind of proof for guest’s lies.

At any cost get rid of her. Sometimes good people just can't live near each other. Incompatible. Bring good looking young guy with muscles and let him watch over her peaceful leave. This kind of "conversations" work like magic in Mexico. Just get friends!

And please explain what do you mean you got no problem with her pot?

Aaltje B.

I like the suggestion of the good looking young guy with muscles.

That is the best way to impress the guest.

I do know for certain that having a presence of authority and strength helps.

She will get the shivers, especially if she is familiar with smoking pot, she probably uses other things that are not allowed in your country. (speaking from experience since worked in drug-rehabilitation)

You may lose some money, but this type of person you have to ban from your property. You are the boss, not her.

This guest crossed your boundaries multiple times.

It's time for a lovely guest who will give you peace of mind, and a smile on your face and money in the bank. That is what you do all the hard work for.

Good luck!


Aaltje B.

Kim Sepahpur

"I have searched your situation and it says: How do I report issues with guest misconduct.

It tells you how to report her."

Yes. I have figured out how to report her BUT it will not let me do so until she checked out. In the meantime she has booked two other places. I have no idea if Booking.com will cancel her bookings once they read my review but for some reason I doubt it.

"Also AirBnB doesn't ban/terminate that easy though. Specially if the guest is a good liar.."

I have seen two instances on both sides of Airbnb with bans. My friend had a guest bring a hooker home with him. She called Airbnb who immediately contacted the guest stating he was to leave the property immediately and that he was banned from future rentals.

The second instance was a friend who had a small party at an Airbnb. While the host was not around, the neighbors apparently told her that there had been five or six people on the property. My friend got an email stating she was lifetime banned from Airbnb.

"it's other way around, they ban the host for any kind of lie."

I agree that Airbnb is quick to ban hosts also these days. But as I am diligent about bed bugs, safety issues, and have never received less than five stars except one guest who gave me four on "location," I don't stress it. It is those walking the line with bait and switch, trusting companies to do changeovers, and don't take it serious that need to be banned. I document everything with pictures before and after guests and keep all conversations on the website. If someone calls me, I have them leave a message then I contact them back on the message platform. Unless it is something like them needing a dinning recommendation or a question about the village and not the home.

"It's time for a lovely guest who will give you peace of mind, and a smile on your face and money in the bank. That is what you do all the hard work for."

Thank you! Now that I have removed the ability for anyone to book with me except on Airbnb, I feel a lot better. It isn't perfect but I have always gotten great customer service with a lot less of a commision taken out. I actually have a returning guest next so I'm happy as it feels like an old friend coming for a visit. Giving people their dream trip is worth the work.

Thank you all!!!

Aaltje B.

All reviews will be checked and I would definitely report her after, so she is never going to be a pain for other hosts.

Image if you someone crazy and she was wasn't reported by other hosts, then ...

This person is probably trying out different platforms, not to be too obvious.

Anyway, much joy with Airbnb and keep on keeping on. (hosting)

Take care

Aaltje B.


How many days more? Have you tried to talk to her to find a compromise which means cancelation on both sides?

For next bookings I suggest you put maximum number of days the guest can book. This way you will find out if he is a good guest and if yes, he can extend his reservation.

It is actually my concern as well. Majority of my guests are wonderful people, who took good care of me, the host :) But few problematic ones were just so harmful and dangerous, that it made me even think should I continue hosting.

One guy was on drugs and cancelation was out of the question, because after his booking has ended he simply didn't leave. The guy with muscles was involved from my side and drug user got police involved, which took my side as I am the owner of apartment and its my right to decide, who stays here irregardless of any booking on any site. Anyway everyone know me through the years, from police to prosecutor's office.

Don't be scared of Immigration concerns IF your Safety is compromised. Normally police doesn't deal with immigration issues. I had the immigration issue as well, which was not important to police. I sponsored the visa for this guy (thats how much I believed he is a good person), but his official address filed with immigration office was different, because I have many properties and his address registered didn't match the address he was actually staying.

Needless to say he complained to Airbnb and got his money back for those 3 days officially booked, but in fact he stayed 7. Next morning I found the knife he forgot on the window while packing in front of the police, muscle guy, me and neighbors. I requested the police to run the drug test on him, but they didn't do that (expensive, they said). I could request it in written form, but I was flying abroad next day, not to mention I was suffering from the huge stress he brought me. I still feel bad, that I didn't do that as he is very far to the public.

So far the guy with the muscles was the best solution ever, as it's too much hussle with police and paperwork, though they also helped.


Aaltje, if you mean Airbnb reviews, they are too much to be true. Everyone is trying to set up a perfect, ideal reputation in order to get next stay so cheap. When drug user booked, I saw in reviews of other hosts that he was "a bit problematic", so I already had a small clue that I might have the problem with him. But even with those reviews, a person books and you can't do anything meaningful such as canceling his reservation. Otherwise you will pay $100 penalty. And 3 cancelation will mean closing your account. So, in reality it's another lie of Airbnb that reviews of other hosts are helpful. They are not working at all to give you both business and safety.

That's why I am being very vocal here about Reality. Not promises and marketing strategies especially of Airbnb for "host helps host" and magical insurance fund that you will never get, even your house is completely broken by the guest.

"Image if you someone crazy". It's impossible to prove. Try it. Airbnb will ask for the Mental disorder report. Please tell me how would you get it???

Also police reports are confidential. Airbnb must contact the police with official request to get them. And they will never do that, as you always "must". Especially must pay for any miserable guest and his damages.

Easy to say, hard to do.


I might be repeating myself as I already told this story on the forum and most probably Kim didn't read it. He was also asking for my phone because "he might get lost". Never said "please". Thank you from these people is simply impossible. Imagine, I sponsored his visa for free, wasted my time, took a huge responsibility and he never said thank you. And same tricks with bills, like taxi is classy way of getting money from the host. He was saying in front of policeman "how much did you pay? *** ten bucks?". Classic way of people on drugs to try to make someone else feel guilty for their misery in life. Well, I paid more than one hundred, when it's a half of the salary of majority of people. I am in 3rd world country after all.


I haven't been to Mexico, but I know what country it is. It's just another Thailand, Philippines, Ukraine and very long list of countries, where people can pay 10 bucks to police and get away with drugs...or stay in jail for whooping 25 years. Like this Australian woman in Indonesian jail, who became crazy.

Some taxi drivers are being detained, because if the client puts drugs on their seat, then the owner of the car is legally responsible and that's it, welcome to jail. That's why the guy with muscles is a must. As soon as possible.

Kim Sepahpur

Katerinka12 - I have read everything. I just don't agree with a guy with muscles as a solution to anything. Violence breeds violence. The area I am in is having a "muscle" match right now. 19 bodies were found under a bridge not far from my house two days ago.

What I wanted to happen in my situation is have Booking.com cancel this persons stay so I could go to the city municipal department to have them removed. They can't stay if they do not have a reservation. The municipal department sends official officers to remove a person who has overstayed or broken their contract. Let's understand this as if I was the local "Motel Six." When a guest checks into the hotel their signature is an agreement to a code of conduct and to the amount and method of compensation. This is what enables Motel Six to charge a person's credit card if they steal all the towels. In the USA, it would be standard for Motel Six to call the police to remove a guest breaking the code of conduct. Here, it is a civil matter handled by the city. I would just take in the message from Booking/Airbnb stating they broke the contract by their behavior and the agreement was void and the city would send the Municipal Police. I researched this and consulted an attorney way before I started Airbnb here.

The problem is, Booking.com would do nothing to support the break of the contract. As the guest booked on their service, the contract they engaged in was with BDC. I know for a fact, if I had sent Airbnb the picture of I took of this woman smoking her pipe on my patio they would have messaged her and copied me that she was in violation of the contract and needed to leave ASAP. This would be what I would take to the Municipal. Would getting her out if the house go smoothly? Maybe. Maybe not. But BDC gave me zero support for their 14%. I had no documentation of a broken contract to even try. Without their support it would be a she said, she said situation.

Airbnb support is not what it use to be and not perfect but I will never complain about it again after this. With this one experience (plus the horrid process I went though trying to get help setting up my bank information,) I am shock at how much it was a "you are on your own" attitude with Booking.com. It was so bad I will am not only removing my listing from them but I will never even use them as a guest. I found one customer service person out of the ten or more which I have talked to with set up and moving the one booked guest out so I can shut this down that acted like they gave a damn.

As for immigration. No, the police have nothing to do with immigration. BUT, as per the USA fighting the war on drugs by strong arming Mexico instead of treating addiction problems at gine as the top priority, when this woman leaves and is found with the stuff she didn't smoke in her suitcase, it is MY address on her visitor's immigration form. I could very well be visited by Policia Federal Preventiva in cooperation with DEA. As the current political situation has all of us expats who own property nervous, I would prefer NOT to have my property connected with a person who had no concern at all about bringing their stash into the country.

I'm not new to this rodeo. I have sat with a total stranger in a hospital while he passed kidney stones as he was my guest, afraid of hospitals, and knew no one in town. I have had a sexist racist guest who made my skin crawl but as it was his right to his opinions, I just spent a lot of time off of the property. I had a guest who swore she had bed bug bites but I stripped the bed, got out the black light, and showed her what no-see-ums are on the internet that was for sure what she was eaten by as she sat out by the lake. Hassles but I would do it all again. But this guest and this company's lack of support? No. Nope. Never again. She is gone tomorrow and my BDC account will be offline as soon as platform will allow.

So, as I said...good luck to you all. And I mean it. No one ever answered my question about how Booking.com will charge me as for transportation and other fees they mention but it is mute now - it will be what it is. Not every platform is right for every person. I'm a "daisy down a gunbarrel" pacifist and not a "guy with muscles" problem solver. Airbnb is clearly best suited to my needs. Take care :)