How I won TravellerReviewAwards2021

I WON! How I won TravellerReviewAwards2021:

be serious

be honest

be disposable

respect COVID19 protocol

Have a good mobilhome in a quiet place always clean

M Adamopoulou

Hi Bo and welcome to the Partner Community.


In your profile you can also add your property link.

Thanks for amazing photo.


Keep on posting!!!!

Jo Collinge

How can I find your property? I can't see a link in the profile, but I'm new so might be looking in the wrong place.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Jo and welcome to the Partner Community.


Remember beginnings are always hard...


Wish you all the best.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Montebello!!

Tuscany is an amazing destination...


Please share photos of your property.


Wish you well.